Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back in the public eye

This past winter, the occasional news about Farm Power involved our legislative efforts; now, with the coming of spring, our public profile has been increasing. Our local newspaper's monthly business magazine ran a story on us in their April issue (page four of the online page-turning format) that quite a few people noticed (and with a cover photo like the one above, who wouldn't?!).

A few weeks later, we received a permit from the state to offer Farm Power equity directly to middle-class investors--a pretty unique type of fundraising. We started running advertisements in newspapers like the one below and holding public meetings. The poster promotes our meeting in Bellingham on Thursday June 25th, but the full schedule is available on our website. We've met new people from across the Northwest, interested in the investment potential at the intersection of agriculture and energy.

Since pictures can never tell the whole story, we have also given one public tour of our rapidly-nearing-completion Rexville project; another tour is scheduled for this Saturday, June 27th. Our 750kW engine-generator set looks even more impressive in person. We expect to start filling the digester with manure in less than a month, so come by while things are still clean and new--we'll be meeting at the Rexville Grocery at 10:30am (you can grab a coffee first) and then driving over together. We hope to see you there!

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