Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Real Press Release

We have never doubted the support of Puget Sound Energy during the year we have been working with them. Still, we appreciated their willingness to sign a Memorandum Of Understanding to help convince other people they wanted to buy our power. In the spirit of good feeling, PSE also prepared a press release that went out on the wire today. It was picked up by a number of local news sources (even getting 15 seconds of airtime on Northwest Cable News) and we've heard from some people who probably would never known about us. This worked a lot better than doing our own press release!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Farm Power Turns One

Today marks Farm Power's first anniversary--after a full day of visiting dairy farmers on April 10, 2007, we put our signatures on paper to found the company.

It is fitting that after almost a year of steadily-increasing visibility, we gave our first presentation that was completely open to the public. The photo above shows the nice little group that turned out to hear us at the Rexville Grange on March 27. At the state and national levels, the Grange advocates for farmer-friendly policies; that night, a mix of neighbors, friends, and members just showed up to learn more about local renewable energy. The Grange hall is located only about a mile away from the site of our first project, which will be owned by our appropriately-named subsidiary Farm Power Rexville LLC!

We have been presenting to other community organizations, most recently two different Rotary clubs. However, the Grange seems to most closely match the Farm Power vision, so it is the first organization that we have actually joined. The Rexville branch doesn't have a website, but any interested readers can send a note to their account: rexville_815 (at) yahoo (dot) com. For our younger readers who prefer membership in virtual organizations, Farm Power now has a Facebook group; I'll be posting updates regularly there too.