Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rural green power--a conference worth attending

We at Farm Power don't attend many conferences; we don't even consider the substantial number of gatherings that charge four-digit fees to attend, and we steer clear of conferences that are thinly-disguised attempts to capitalize on green/clean as the hot topic of the moment. Fortunately, a few still pass our muster and allow for some great networking. The EPA's AgSTAR program puts on great manure-digester-focused events around the country; I attended their 2007 conference. Closer to home, Climate Solutions--an advocacy group fighting global warming--sponsors a regional convention on rural green power: Harvesting Clean Energy 2010 starts next weekend in Kennewick and looks to be worth the drive. The smaller-scale renewable-energy industry in Washington state is pretty small, so it will be good to see what's happening in more-active Oregon while catching up with friends from our corner of the green power business. I'm even contributing to two panel discussions, one on digesters and another entitled "Politics and Your Project". Registration remains open, so if you can spare a couple days to see what's happening at the intersection of agriculture and energy, I recommend Harvesting Clean Energy.