Thursday, May 28, 2009

Farm Power connections

Now that it's summer, we at Farm Power are finally getting to work on long-delayed projects. To keep everyone updated, we're trying to provide more outlets for news. Yielding to the 21st century, we've finally set up a Farm Power twitter account and are learning how to use it. The Farm Power Facebook group has been around for a year, but we're using it more now.

And what is the news that needs outlets? Well, construction is accelerating--the digester tank is almost complete and the roof panels will start going on in early June. We have also received a permit from the state to raise more money to help fund future projects, something we're pretty excited about; the word is starting to spread and we're holding public meetings throughout Western Washington. I can't guarantee a steady stream of updates, but enough is going on that there will be plenty to talk about--I hope you keep following our progress.

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