Wednesday, September 17, 2008

She's our state senator!

Most farmers in Skagit County call themselves Republicans. A mix of business and social issues make them at home in the GOP, and their fields often host campaign signs for Dino Rossi and other Republican candidates. However, several of these same fields also host large signs for State Senator Mary Margaret Haugen (D-10th), a longtime supporter of agriculture. Skagit County farmers are not stupid; they know that having a powerful friend in the Legislature trumps party ideology.

A conservative political action committee has targeted Mary Margaret with a TV attack ad on the standard script--"Democrats spend lots of money". If these tactics succeed in propelling political newcomer Linda Haddon into the Legislature, the 10th district will suffer a huge loss. Why? I'll let the Haugen campaign explain with its "respected and effective" advertisement, found on YouTube here. In the first seconds, you can see Mary Margaret walking with the farmers who will be hosting our digester.

Our state senator was the primary sponsor of almost one hundred bills during this last legislative session; several of these aided agriculture, while others addressed issues important to a wide range of 10th district voters. As the chair of the Transportation Committee and a senior member of the Democratic party which controls (and will continue to control) the Legislature, Mary Margaret can get things done. People of both parties in Skagit County appreciate her effectiveness.

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