Friday, December 21, 2007

When is it time for a break?

Dairy farmers have reason to celebrate this holiday season. Milk prices are at record levels and look to stay high well into next year. Although costs have risen substantially (driven by the doubling of corn prices), everyone is making money and catching up after a terrible 2006.

I am about ready to turn off this computer for a few days. Our schedule has been slowing down all week, redeemed only by a meeting set up by our friends at Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland. We keep pushing forward where we can, but sometimes it's difficult not to feel like we've already started a undeservedly long holiday break.

Our farmers don't have to worry about any such feelings. Cows require just as much care on Christmas as they do any other day, regardless of the plans of relatives. All entrepreneurs expect their work to displace leisure at certain points, but dairy farmers are among the few who know this will happen for the duration. When things get busy for us next year, we can only hope to match their work ethic. To all our friends, Merry Christmas!

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