Friday, October 19, 2007

Farm Power is the Answer...what was the question?

What is an anaerobic manure digester anyway? If you, gentle reader, continue to return to this blog in coming months, you will learn more than anyone should ever need to know about manure-to-energy technology. However, for my first posting, a manifesto: Farm Power is a little company in Skagit County, Washington, dedicated to the preservation of dairy farms, agricultural communities, and civilization as we know it. For our urban readers most concerned about the third goal of Farm Power, let me explain the broader vision.

Are you concerned about sprawl? Farm Power will bring new money to farmers, allowing them to continue using their land profitably in the face of rising property values. Rather than selling off ground for development, healthy dairy farms will expand by purchasing land needed for more crop production.

How about global warming? Farm Power will cut emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas at least twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide. Within just a few years, the continuous effect will be like parking thousands of cars.

Is renewable energy your issue? Farm Power will generate electricity from the untapped potential of manure; just five cows can power a typical house year-round. In places like Western Washington, manure provides local energy in signficant quantities where wind and sun cannot.

Perhaps economic inequality is your cause. Farm Power will reverse the flow of financial resources out of poorer rural communities, investing millions of dollars in new income-generating assets. Local workers, businesspeople, and investors all benefit from keeping money closer to home.

Nitrogen pollution; sustainable agriculture; fuel vs. fuel competition; Farm Power addresses some of the largest problems we face. Stay tuned for more on how!

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